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Wireless Car Charger Mount IR 10W

Wireless Car Charger Mount IR 10W

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Perfect for people on the go, Sandberg’s Wireless Car Charger Mount serves double duty by providing you with both a comfortable stand for your phone and an easy way to charge without fussing with cables. The holder uses an infrared sensor that automatically opens the adjustable clamps and closes them gently and securely around your phone, instantly starting the charging process. The clamps can easily be opened with a touch-sensitive button on the side of the holder. The car charger supports Qi-compatible smartphones and allows for fast charging up to 10W. 5-year warranty.

✔ Charge without cables.
✔ Sensor-controlled clamps.

Wireless Car Charger Mount that supports Qi-compatible phones and fast charges up to 10W. Place your phone where you can easily use it and easily keep it charged on the road. 5-year warranty.

Packaging info


✔Connectors: 1 x USB-C female
✔ Input: 9V 1.8A / 5V 2.0A
✔ Output: 10W / 7.5W / 5W
✔ Frequency: 110 - 205 kHz
✔ Charging distance: ≤10 mm
✔ Charging efficiency: 85%
✔ Wireless standard: Qi

Pakaging Dimensions

Height 16.5 cm
Width 14.3 cm
Depth 7.2 cm
Weight 200 g

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Sandberg A/S, the Danish company for technological accessories, believes that: Making the channel and consumers happy today creates a promising tomorrow. Their products are of high quality and easy to use. Sandberg fully supports the IT industry channel by supplying only to distributors. Their products are well-known and widely distributed worldwide. ICT Trade is an official distributor for Bulgaria.